Recruitment services or why is it better to trust a professional?

Professional recruitment of the staff not just ensures minimum scope of the enterprise tasks but also facilitates its higher competitiveness among other enterprises. Therefore, it is better to delegate long process of interviews and selection of candidates to experienced and skilled recruitment professionals.

Recruitment services or selection of the staff for the company includes constant monitoring of demand and supply for the specific education and qualifications level. Besides, the following regular actions are taken:

  • screening of CVs and resume of applicants in the databases and on the Net;
  • interviews with the screened applicants;
  • preparation of a clear list of applicants that have relevant qualifications for the customer company.

Recruitment to management positions requires special attention as the transparent situation and the right approach determine overall successful performance of the organization.

Recruitment services

Important details of recruitment services

In-depth analysis of the labour market to offer professional recruitment services includes not just search for the specialists but also:

  • preparation of the clear job descriptions and duties and responsibilities of the vacancy;
  • timely advice on the labour market status with regard to qualifications of the specialists;
  • adequate assessment of the demand as well as wages in the specific employment segment;
  • access to databases, advertisement networks as well as contact details of the available specialists in the required area;
  • analytical approach to CVs and resume of the interested applicants, identification of their strengths and weaknesses;
  • clarification of the applicant’s relevance to the vacancy during the phone interview or personal meeting;
  • preparation and conduct of psychological tests for the applicants;
  • verification of the submitted references and preparation of opinion on relevance of the applicant to requirements of the employer.

Only after these actions recruitment specialists will arrange a meeting between the applicants and the customer employer. The meeting format may be presentation of candidates or direct talks between the involved parties. If necessary, the company employees may give additional advice to the applicants during their internship or probation period.

The benefits of FCHAIN professional recruitment services

Thanks to experience and coordinated work of the recruitment specialists, the management of the customer companies save time and efforts for the further business development and expansion. It is worth highlighting the following important benefits of the offered FCHAIN recruitment services:

  • access to broader databases of applicants;
  • ability of professional recruiters to specify required qualifications for the vacancy and ensure their relevance to real situation;
  • guaranteed confidentiality of all used databases, especially those used by the customer employer;
  • ability not just to support the interest of the employer but also maintain close contacts with the best applicants as well as with other important labour market players and participants of the recruitment process.

The latter is one of the main reasons for mutually beneficial, long term and efficient relations between all stakeholders in the process. After all, professionalism is FCHAIN’s imperative in each and every detail of the work.

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