Introduction of modifications in founding documents

“Who possesses information rules the world” – this well-known rule is topical for doing business and its importance grows every day. Legislation constantly improves; business world develops rapidly that is why amendments of charter documents are vital necessity that needs to be implemented without delay. Our consultants have good command of legal knowledge and are ready to assist physical persons (representatives) with amending charter documents at any stage of the process. High competence in legal issues, responsiveness to the market changes, individual client approach and flexible pricing policy are benefits of our company to name a few. The only thing required from a client is its signature on application form about charter documents amendment. Our  experts would do the rest.

Внесение изменений в учредительные документы

The process of introduction of amendments to the charter documents

With our support the time-consuming process of charter documents amending will not bother you anymore. Our company provides this service at a reasonable price that is defined on individual basis. When the decision to introduce amendments is made, we guarantee meeting of all deadlines that will release you company from potential threat of the administrative responsibility. This process will be completed successfully with the help of our highly qualified specialists that can consult you and help to avoid problems. The introduction of amendments to the charter documents is our job and we do this job professionally.

First of all our lawyers will define which paragraph needs to be changed:

  • Legal name;
  • Legal address;
  • The amount and shares of authorized capital;
  • Information about branch and representative offices;
  • Management process (distribution of income etc.)

These will lay ground for future work. Perhaps you have decided to rename your company or open a new branch office or move to another place or collaborate with investors. Our lawyers can adjust Charter of your LLC accordingly in short period of time. To start working with us you may call us at phone number provided on our website. You will be satisfied with the results of our work.

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