From Strategy to Change Implementation

We use individual approach in our dealings with clients and offer unique solutions to their specific inquiries. The service we offer includes a good range of various methods and tools which help us analyse the existing reality of an organization or an individual, prioritise, plan our steps and monitor the results on both Functional HR Strategy and Operational levels.

In other words our team of experts can help your organisation identify and build necessary capabilities in order to deliver on your strategy. We can partner with our client to create a unique HR Operating Model where all aspects of people management and process maping are considered.

Внесение изменений в учредительные документы

Leadership matters

We believe that healthy teams and high oranisational performance are formed by Leadership excellence and our experienced coaches are ready to cooperate with organization’s management in order to build a strong competency framework, practice relevant behavioral patterns and facilitate succession planning and talent development initiatives in an organization.

Our consultancy services include, but are not limited to

  • Change Management and Business Transformation
  • Senior Leadership One-to-one coaching/master-class in pursue of HR solution to a specific issue
  • Process mapping
  • Organizational design
  • Design and Implementation of policies and procedures
  • Developing Compensation & Benefit Systems
  • Designing and Implementing Performance Management System
  • Building your unique HRM system
  • Developing your unique Business oriented HR Strategy,
  • Developing your unique Grading System,
  • Design, Reorganisation and Optimisation of Organisations
  • Developing and Implementing Ethics & Compliance Process
  • Interviewing assistance/Recruitment campaigns
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