Cancellation of enterprises

The registration of the enterprise is a difficult procedure, but the liquidation of the limited liability company (LLC) is even more difficult due to the peculiarities of legislation and constant changes in it. This procedure requires certain knowledge and skills that even some of the practicing lawyers do not possess. Our employees have broad experience in this issue and will help you to fulfill this exhausting procedure fast and effectively. Well-qualified specialists of our company are ready to offer several ways of fast legal liquidation.

If you are interested in LLC liquidation, you will be satisfied with the price as our pricing policy is based on flexible individual approach.

Ликвидация предприятий

Official liquidation of LLC with debts

The most effective and commonly used way of liquidation is the liquidation of LLC via sale of ownership. It means that liquidation is carried out in the following way: the owner of the company assigns his ownership to another owner and the former, in his turn, continues the process of liquidation and finishes it. This scheme is legal, effective and can be completed in several days. In this case our clients do not have to worry about any tax inspections or any other controlling authority. Besides, the director and shareholders of the enterprise are deprived of any responsibility for the activity of LLC as it is not their property any more.

Liquidation of problematic enterprises

One more legal way of liquidation is the liquidation of insolvent companies. Our lawyers recommend this type of liquidation if your company has significant assets, receivables and payables, fixed asserts. After the assets are sold and liquidation balance is drawn surplus of funds left is shared between LLC founders.

The cost of company liquidation process is set individually after the consultation that you can get by calling the telephone numbers stated on our website. We can assure you that company liquidation in Azerbaijan with the support of our lawyers will be carried out professionally, legally and rapidly.

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