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FCHAİN principle aim: make your accounting flawless

In order for an owner of a company of any type of ownership to be able to concentrate all the efforts on business processes and securing high profit, the resolution of a range of financial issues should be entrusted to professionals. Provision of a range of accounting services required by a customer is also of great significance. Whatever accounting services the company provides, it is important that the experience of its staff is compatible with the flexible approach to the activities of various companies and the ability to assess, predict and plan the development of a business. All the aforesaid are the qualities of our employees at “FCHAİN”, Accounting Services Company in Baku, providing a full range of services for conducting and supporting the businesses. The customers collaborating with our company can be confident in qualitative on-hand analysis of accounting documentation and record keeping in accordance with the principles of management as well as the requirements of a constantly evolving regulatory framework.
The pricing policy of our company, being focused on each client and its individual needs, is very flexible and democratic.

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Bookkeeping services

Our company offers high quality outsourced bookkeeping services, the cost of which depends on the requirements and wishes of a customer. It is not necessary for LLC owners, private entrepreneurs and owners of companies of other types of ownership to maintain a staff of accountants and auditors on a permanent basis resulting in tax savings on wages, rent, office equipment, software as well as some other matters ensuring normal functioning of the company without the loss of quality. Independent outsourcing at a reasonable price provided by our company is a reliable way to eliminate the risks posed by incorrect accounting or improper documentation. Independent bookkeeping services implies the following types of services:

  • accounting services (accounting, reporting);
  • recovery of tax accounting (if previously neglected);
  • consulting (financial, tax, legal);
  • accounting formulation (for new, reorganized, expanding firms);
  • preparation and submission of reports to the relevant authorities.

Flexible pricing policy allows our company to cooperate both with the companies representing big businesses and private entrepreneurs. The cost of accounting services for LLC and owners of companies and firms of other types of ownership shall be determined on an individual basis. In order to get more detailed information about the range of services provided, you can contact us by the telephone number shown on our website. Confidence, high level of professionalism and consulting of clients will lay the basis for successful development and inevitable prosperity of your business.

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