Recording processing

Ensuring compliance with legal requirements for financial reporting of the economic activity is a responsibility that rests with the heads of enterprises, firms and companies of various types of ownership. The main objective of this process is to minimize the risk and costs, improving efficiency and profitability. Achievement of such results is only possible if the accounting, tax and financial departments of the businesses operate efficiently and smoothly. However not all companies can afford maintaining such a number of professionals. Our company provides outsourcing services that may allow the businesses to free up time for business logistics, marketing, sales and strategic planning. Financial reporting for companies is the most important step that our experts will undertake.

Подготовка отчетности

All that is required from you is to provide the primary accounting records for the accounting period, as well as a database of automated accounting program as well as reporting statements submitted during previous reporting period (if any). Our company also works with tax reporting, which allows revealing in time the potential tax risk and taking adequate measures to minimize it. In addition, cooperation with our company provides an opportunity to determine the potential for tax planning with further decrease in tax expenditures. And all this is based on individual approach and reasonable prices.

Preparation and submission of reports

Our company can undertake remote (remote access to customer base) financial reporting in accordance with IFRS through the exchange of accounting information (“Distributed Data Base” in the 1C Enterprise 8.1) or directly at the customer base (coming to office). The form of interaction is determined by the customer interested in timely delivery of financial reports prepared in accordance with applicable law.

The level of professionalism of our personnel allows increasing business efficiency and minimizing possible risks arising due to incorrect preparation of accounting, tax and financial reporting or untimely submission thereof for a minimal amount paid for their services. More detailed information about the mutually beneficial cooperation will be provided by contacting us at phone numbers listed on our website.

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