Execution and editing of contracts

If you are interested in drafting and preparing of the contracts or any other important juridical documentation, the lawyers of our company are ready to assist. From the legal point of view, the contract is an official agreement between two or more parties, stating the decisions made about establishing, disposition or change in civil rights and obligations. We can assist in drafting any type of the contract so that our client will not face any problems in future. The prices for the services of highly professional lawyers are defined on individual basis depending on the scope of work and its complexity.

Составление и проверка договоров

Contract drafting services

Majority of contracts are concluded in written form. One of the most common types of contracts is a loan agreement.

If our lawyers assist you in drafting loan agreement, you can be assured that the borrower will not find any legal way to avoid repaying of debt. An ordinary person cannot consider all the nuances that must be in place in a well-drafted contract and this can lead to very serious problems and financial losses. With the help of our lawyers, the client can reflect in the terms of the contract all the peculiarities of bargain, rights and obligations of the parties and any other material factors that influence the implementation and execution of the contract. We strongly recommend you not to use document templates that do not take into account the constant change of legislation! The price of our service is incomparably lower in comparison with losses that you may have in future while clarifying ambiguous issues of the contract with other party.

Legal review of the contract

There are some cases when you are offered to sign a contract on the terms of other party. For example, if you arrange a credit you cannot set your terms and have to sign the offered standard contract. Legal review of the contract or legal due diligence should be conducted in order to avoid unfavorable terms that can cause problems in future. After our lawyers review the contract you can be confident that it is consistent with actual law. Furthermore, our experts would carry out the following:

  • Reveal the problematic for the client issues;
  • Point out unfavorable terms for the client (will define its severity);
  • Recommend amendments that need to be made to meet interests of the client.

After the high-quality and efficient review of the contract, the client can be sure of what he is signing and on which terms. That brings the confidence in future and allows pursuing your own interests. Our company is ready to collaborate. Contact us by phone number stated on our website.

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