Customs clearing

Transportation and customs clearance of cargoes occupy a lot of time, effort, and apparently, your nerves. Company management has to engage in preparing, processing and sending hundreds of documents, including invoices, reports, certificates and other documentation. By using our services you eliminate the need to spend time on all of the above. Highly qualified brokers, economists and lawyers are capable of quickly resolving the issues of your business related to customs clearance, including customs clearance of express cargoes. At that, the price of clearance at customs in Azerbaijan is acceptable and justified if you compare the costs of the services of our experts with the amount that your company management’s independent solution would translate to.

Contracted to our company a customer can count on professional advice in the field of freight forwarding services, rapid preparation of clearance permits, certificates and opinions of regulatory authorities. Our specialists in all functional areas of relevant government authorities will exclusively represent the interests of your company.
Customs services, customs clearance (import and export) under a contract concluded ensure exclusion of possible risks and extra costs.

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Cargo customs clearance services

Customs clearance services provided by our company include not only preparing required permitting documentation package. If necessary, a customer can be allowed to control the process of customs clearance at any stage. Thanks to high qualification and vast baclground of successful work, we will find the optimal solution for the expansion and further promotion of your business. As a result of mutually beneficial and absolutely transparent cooperation customer can save money and time, which can be then directed to primary business objectives. It is worth noting that our company guarantees customs clearance of any type of cargo, including consumer products and high-tech products and parts.
The sooner the company management will transfer the care about the customs clearance onto the shoulders of our professionals, the more time it will free for resolving important issues that will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its business. For more detailed information about the terms of cooperation, please contact us by the phone numbers listed on our website at your convenience.

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