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Audit and expertise, in whole or in part – your choice!

Financial and economic activity cannot be effective if the company management is not fully aware of all the aspects of accounting, financial and tax accounting. That is why the services of auditing organizations are a vital part of any business. Our company, which has vast and successful past experience, offers to customers audit and accounting services on a contractual basis at attractive prices. Our accountants, financiers and lawyers will efficiently and transparently conduct an independent assessment of the economic activity of your company, systems, processes, products or projects. Qualified specialists will individually verify the statements of the enterprise, as well as identify any errors and distortions within the timeframe stipulated in the contract. With our help, the degree of confidence of users and stakeholders in financial and tax records of your company will grow significantly.

Аудиторские услуги

Types of auditing services

Classic audit is a concept that includes checking tax, financial statements, and reports that reflect the calculation and payment of wages. Thanks to the professional work of our auditors, you’ll be assured that the information on the liabilities, assets, capital, liabilities and financial condition of your company reflects the reality. By signing a contract for the provision of audit services with our company, you will be able to carry out long-term planning and generate revenue.

As is known, there is a mandatory audit, which is held under the law, and voluntary one, which the owner can hold as desired or when necessary. The aim of the mandatory audit is to confirm the correctness of the information contained in the financial statements or its components (for example, formation of the main fund or the authorized capital of the company can be verified). Consider that the implementation of mandatory financial audit can be entrusted only to auditors or audit companies listed in the register! Bu entrusting the audit to our company that also carries out other audit related services, you can be assured of the quality of work, and its legitimacy. Experience and qualification of the auditors of our company allows us to audit the following areas:

  • accounting statements;
  • financial statements;
  • tax reporting;
  • securities;
  • LLC Reporting, PE and other institutions.

When carrying out mandatory audit, we are ready at your request to provide a report which will include recommendations for the correction of errors, improving control system for recording transactions that arise in the conduct of business. If you have decided on your business pattern or engaged in activities requiring periodic mandatory audit, long-term cooperation with our company will be a win-win proposition, the results of which you will appreciate in the near future.

The cost of auditing services

If you are interested in the services of auditing companies before choosing a reliable and qualified auditor learn more about its activities. Estimating the cost of audit services is not a determining indicator, as our auditing experience and efficiency allow us to offer customers adequate and appropriate prices. Our company is ready to offer the best prices for auditing services in Baku, and you can assure this by calling us by the phone numbers listed on the website.

Mandatory audit

  • for OJSC, banks, credit history bureaus, credit, clearing, insurance entities, insurance companies, investment funds, commodity and stock exchange;
  • for Limited Liability Company
  • for organizations whose securities are listed in the stock market;
  • for organizations of professional securities market participants;
  • for enterprises that disclose consolidated accounting/financial statements;
  • in other cases provided for by law.

Audit on initiative

is carried out on the initiative of the owner, director, or shareholder, for example, to get prepared for a coming audit, before the purchase or sale of a business, or the replacement of the chief accountant or management.

Transformation and consolidation of statements under IFRS and US GAAP

For those who need to bring their statements into compliance with international standards.
Makes it possible:

  • to enhance the company’s attractiveness to investors;
  • is mandatory for banks;
  • to enter the international market;
  • to raise credit from foreign banks;
  • to enhance business management’s effectiveness;
  • to avoid additional costs related to the maintenance of accounting under IFRS (such as purchasing specialized software and extension of the accounting department manning table).

Banking audit

Mandatory audit for banks.

Tax audit

Makes it possible to identify tax risks without delay and to prevent problems with tax authorities and law enforcement bodies.

Audit on special instruction (agreed procedure)

Designed for resolving a narrow task, for example, “to check the cashier’s office for a period of half-year” or to reveal theft.

Express audit (general review)

A low-cost audit option with a smaller sample volume and a shorter report. Makes it possible to promptly get the idea of the overall state of affairs where a certain decision is to be made immediately. For example, at the replacement of an accountant or a preliminary appraisal at an acquisition of interest in another company.

Audit support on a subscription basis

Advantage: the arising problems are resolved gradually in the course of work instead of resolving them in haste at the end of the year. The audit may be carried out in 2 or 3 stages: 6, 9, 12 months. An auditor will become a competent assistant to your accountant, able to provide a helpful advice at any time.

Personnel audit

  • detects problems in personnel administration before they are detected by the labor inspection;
  • makes it possible to rule out complaints on the part of aggrieved employees;
  • makes it possible to rule out complaints on the part of the control bodies.

Due diligence

The procedure for verification of lawfulness and financial attractiveness of the proposed transaction. Makes it possible to protect yourself from doubtful transactions and partners. An integrated arrangement implemented by a team of specialists consisting of auditors, lawyers and specialized experts. An integral part of the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) procedure.

Judicial, legal or accounting expert examinations

Designed to support the company’s position in legal proceedings with tax authorities and controlling authorities.

Legal audit, including in the format of real audit simulation

Provides an analysis of the legal risks and violations of legislation provisions with a breakdown by all branches of law.

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