Records recovery

The lack of reporting, incorrect accounting are serious problems that may deprive the owners of lending, investment opportunities, business relations with partners and other stakeholders. In addition a company may be imposed penalties, the lack of control over the assets and possible seizure thereof, and eventually suspension of banking operations. Recovery of financial accounting of companies in this situation is a vital issue.

This procedure is very complicated, time-consuming, and due to prior incorrect bookkeeping it becomes beyond the strength of a staff accountant. The involvement of external, independent experts of our company provided a solution to this. We offer a comprehensive approach to the provision of services aimed at recovering financial accounting at affordable prices to the owners, who due to various reasons (distortion, loss, theft etc.) fully or partly lost their accounting.

Восстановление учета

Bookkeeping recovery services

LLC bookkeeping recovery services are carried out by us step by step after detailed analysis of the situation that prevailed in enterprise accounts. After identifying the errors, our experts inform the owner about the scope of violations which allows to restore the account within a short time.

The fundamental recovery steps are as follows:

  • Processing and detailing of primary documentation;
  • Conducting a thorough analysis of processed documentation and preserved reporting;
  • Conducting full inventory of monetary assets, accounts and stocks (if needed);
  • Direct recovery of primary documents;
  • Restoration of bookkeeping registers and creation of the initial balance;
  • Restoration of available database or creating it from scratch;
  • Creating refined reporting (if necessary);
  • Creating refined tax calculations and declarations.

Restoration of bookkeeping, the price of which is optimal in terms of quality and effectiveness, can be carried out in full or partly (in certain segments of bookkeeping or for restoring individual operations). The cost of such services is always determined individually based on the workload and its complexity.

Recovery of tax accounting

Only after complete restoration of bookkeeping one can deal with the restoration of tax accounting, improper conducting of which causes penalties and liability for the company’s management. Once tax-economic data is lost, it is impossible to plan development and marketing of the company. Therefore it is important to find independent experts capable of solving the actual problem. If you conduct monitoring of the cost of restoration of bookkeeping in Azerbaijan, it is easy to assume that such services are in demand which is explained by current business requirements. Our company will help to protect your business from downtime, to restore financial accounts in a quality manner within the shortest possible time and at affordable prices. For more detailed information on the range of services and fees, please contact us by the numbers listed on our website.

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