Migration Services in Azerbaijan

Financial Chain Corporation renders migration services in Azerbaijan since 2002 and from the very beginning it has established itself as a reliable business partner in this field. We have a deep knowledge of the Azerbaijani migration legislation; therefore, we can solve any migration issue in the most optimal way.

Миграционные услуги

The migration services of our company include:

  1. Providing consulting and other assistance to foreign citizens who come to Azerbaijan with a visa (including the preparation of an invitation). We will help you to get all the necessary documents for legal residence in the country.
  2. Providing assistance in putting on a temporary migration register and removal from it. Each guest of the country, who arrived there for a period of 15 days, is obliged to register with the State Migration Service of Azerbaijan. At the same time, 10 days are given for conducting such a procedure from the moment of crossing the state border. Foreign citizens, who arrived with a visa, are registered for the staying period, which it was opened for. Those guests of the country who come to Azerbaijan in the format of visa-free regime are registered for 90 days. We will help you understand the nuances and register in a timely manner.
  3. Assistance in obtaining work permits. Many people come to Azerbaijan in search of earnings, and this task is also associated with the need to resolve a number of bureaucratic issues. You will need to collect a certain package of documents to request a temporary residence permit with the possibility of employment (for you and for your family members), as well as an individual work permit. We will help you collect and arrange all documents as correctly as possible, so you won’t be rejected.
  4. We will regularly check the timing of the expiration of your visas and permits for residence or work. Practice shows that foreign citizens, who came to the Azerbaijan Republic and are engaged in labor activities or, for example, education, do not follow the terms of their permits quite often. Usually, they have too many other cases and concerns and don’t exceed their permits in time. Therefore, they might face unpleasant consequences and even deportation. We can take the responsibility to remind you in advance that the validity of any of your documents reaches its expiration, so you can fix the issue (perhaps with the help of our specialists).
  5. We will help to extend the permit for temporary residence of foreign citizens on the territory of Azerbaijan. As already noted in the description of the previous service, the permit must be extended in a timely manner so the migration service won’t have to deport you. We can resolve this issue quickly and without any difficulties.

The documents necessary for granting a work permit in Azerbaijan can vary for each specific case, so contact us to get professional advice!

An individual work permit is issued for 1 year and can be renewed four times for the same period. Please note that you can officially work in the Republic of Azerbaijan only with the company that has a license to work with citizens of other countries.
Obtaining a work permit is not necessary in some cases, for example, for individual entrepreneurs, employees of international organizations, accredited media employees, and others.

Professional migration assistance in any situation

Our knowledge and experience will help you to see all possible ways to solve your issue and find the most optimal one. We will help to collect documents, obtain permits, extend them – perform tasks that are quite complex and challenging in the lack of experience with local legislation. All you have to do is contact us!

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