Personnel records

Establishment of personnel documents administration from the scratch

Starting personnel documentation of the Client Company includes development, preparation and design of a mandatory package of personnel documents, which must be necessarily maintained by every employer taking into account the specifics of the company. Each document is developed and designed according to the requirements of labour legislation as well as applicable standards and regulations existing in the Russian Federation; these are the provisions of counselling and familiarizing employees with the rules of HR administration.

Experts of our company  with extensive experience in the field of labour law and sound knowledge of HR administration offer the following services for drafting personnel records of the Client Company: Design and drafting of employment contracts, additional agreements to employment contracts and job descriptions; design and drafting of local normative acts:

  • internal regulations,
  • provisions  for the protection of personal data,
  • regulations on the protection of labour, etc.;
  • design of manning tables, leave schedules;
  • design of orders (employment, transfer, vacation, dismissal);
  • design and maintenance of work books;
  • maintenance of employees personal files;
  • counselling and mentoring with regards to personnel documents.

This service is relevant for newly formed companies, companies opening new branches or companies with no previous HR documentation experience.  Among the benefits of this service are: minimization of labour and material costs for stating maintenance of personnel records; legal literacy of designed and compiled documents; strict compliance with the requirements of the labour legislation.

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