Interim HR Solutions

Temporary HR coverage during maternity or sick leave breaks

One of the critical and important success factors ensuring seamless operations for any organisation is a quality maternity cover.

We understand the apprehension maternity breaks may impose on both the employee and business and therefore we offer our clients convenient solution which provides smooth transition causing minimum to no disturbance to their business operations.

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Within current service we offer our clients an interim HR maternity coverage for the period of up to one year.

The benefits of this approach are:

  • Time & Availability

You save your time on recruiting & hiring as typically it may take you up to two months to hire a suitable employee.

It is also difficult enough to find a quality temporary replacement and we have a pool of junior and mid-senior level of candidates available immediately.

  • Type of employment & Cost

Our HR Interim can be engaged full-time, part-time or on assignment/project basis for up to one year.

We offer our clients an outsourcing option which we find to be invaluable and cost effective. We find this invaluable for our clients and cost effective.

  • A Partner-led Service

The Managing Partner supervises the delivery as we do not simply place an HR Interim on an assignment; we provide them with an extensive range of backup support and resources.

We are flexible and client-led. We work as part of Client’s team to understand your requirements and needs to be able to provide you with best and unique solutions.

Focused project management and delivery

Imagine you need to work on or deliver a project and your HR team is overwhelmed with ongoing operations…

Hiring more staff is not cost-effective and will not probably be considered a rational decision for many business reasons.

Wouldn’t hiring a temporary area expert(s) bring solution to your task? Be it developing new standards, implementing a new system, cleaning up and arranging your archives, or organizing and leading a social project – our team of experts offers you a focused ‘quick-fix’ and is ready to act as your embedded or applied Center of Excellence .

The benefits of this approach are:

  • Exclusiveness

We are pioneers of this type of service as it is new to our market. You get professional assistance during your peak workloads.

  • Duration

Our ‘quick-fixer’ can work for you for minimum two and maximum eight weeks to deliver on project.

  • Time

You save your time on recruiting & hiring as this service is specific on our market.

  • Type of employment & Cost

You definitely save your budget by choosing the most effective way to resolve your challenge.

  • A Partner-led Service

One of our senior HRs supervises the performance of the ‘quick-fixer’. We provide them with an extensive range of backup support and resources.

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