Human resources management documents

Irrespective of institutional type, legal status and staff size, any organization cannot be managed without sound human resources management being integral part of the institution. Any organization’s human resources management records should be prepared in accordance with the law. They shall be used not only by human resources section or for personnel services but by accountants for calculation of salaries, bonuses, allowances.

Кадровые документы

Labor and tax inspectors can audit human resources records, the records can be required by Social Protection Fund or citizens for getting benefits in accordance with legislation. Human resources records are necessary for compliance with labour and tax legislation requirements. Human resources records can be used as written evidence for labour disputes settlement but their lack can have negative implications for the employer. Nothing is insignificant in human resources management! False information or errors can have serious legal consequences for employers. Informed labour relations established between employer and employee can protect employers from fraudulent employees and supervision authorities.

In our company you can get human resources records forms (e.g., labour contracts, job descriptions, code of conduct, non-disclosure requirements, health and safety procedures, commercial confidence rules) prepared by our specialists in line with effective record-keeping requirements and labour legislation.

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