Quick, safe, comfortable and profitable start of your business in Kazakhstan with FCHAIN professionals

Published: 17.03.2020 | Author: Javahir Guliyeva

Quick, safe, comfortable and profitable start of your business in Kazakhstan with FCHAIN professionals
Ekaterina Kassumova
Country Manager

When you
plan to start a business in another country, you don’t usually know the rules
and law of this country and can be confused about how to start it.

the business begins with the company registration and opening the banking
accounts. And it’s better to trust to professionals to be sure that everything
is done fast, correct and doesn’t need any overpayments. We can register the
company and opening the banking accounts without your personal presence in
Kazakhstan. The process consists of three easy steps:

1. Company
registration under Power of Attorney on behalf of founder of the company

Preparing the company documents and banking accounts opening documents, sending
documents for the forms signing to the Director

3. Opening
the banking accounts after getting the original documents and banking forms
(opening the banking accounts as soon as they have been gotten)

We take complete control at all stages of process, provide all the filled forms with simple instructions.

It’s not
only easy to start business in Kazakhstan, it’s very quick as well due to
active and operational interaction with clients. All the stages of process are
made during 14 work days excluding delivery dates.

It saves
time and money due to lack of need to travel to Kazakhstan for opening a
company and banking accounts. We let you know when everything is done so that
you can come to Kazakhstan and start leading your business. After registration
the company and opening banking accounts, FCHAIN will be ready to take on
further company business processes such as bookkeeping, taxes, accounting, HR
administration, legal assistance and etc.

professionals are ready to provide business support from the first step and
accompany your business at all stages of development.

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