1C:Retail 8

Retail configuration is designed for automation of business processes in shops that may be part of retail distribution network of a trade enterprise. It may be used for automation of large staff size stores, also as the cash software.

1С:Розница 8

Retail network structure is supported in distributed databases mode. The program supports two types of internal data exchange:

  1. RIB by store enables reliable data exchange among stores with separated document management. Central RIB hub consolidates data on all stores in the network and helps quickly establish periphery RIB hub.
  2. RIb by workplace provides the user with optimized volume of data exchange between the store’s server and cash line and ensures autonomous operation of cash desks.

Retail configuration is envisaged for both independent and autonomous operation as well as interaction with other application solutions. Two-side data exchange with typical configurations of Enterprise Accounting, Transactions Management enables creation of program complexes that cover needs of retail enterprises of various scale.

  • Enterprise Accounting configuration used with Retail configuration ensures scheduled transactions accounting. Prompt accounting of goods flow and cash balances in the cashboxes are carried out in Retail configuration.
  • Transactions Management configuration, ed. 11 used with Retail configuration performs as managing system that provides Retail configuration with regulatory and reference data, manages range of goods and prices in retail shops. Goods flow records are transferred from Retail configuration to the managing system including retail sales breakdown by cash change and payment instruments accounting documents.

The program supports multi-firm accounting that indexes each shop warehouse to specific organization. Certain shopping halls in the store can have accounting of single tax on imputed income.

1C:Retail 8 automates routine sales processes in the retail enterprise. Functionality of the program in various areas of the enterprise operations can be adjusted with shop operations technology applied in the enterprise.

  • Regulatory and reference data management.  the program functionality ensures input, storage and timely dissemination of reference data throughout the store’s network. Broad capabilities of the program allow to comprehensively describe target customer group, shops and goods for convenience of the enterprise staff at all technological sites.
  • Marketing. The program allows the marketing specialists to manage range of multi-format retail networks and build up flexible retail price management. The program allows to collect and analyse data on customers preferences and set up various stimulating discount campaigns.
  • Stock and sales. Manager gets a functionality to place orders with the supplier based on analysis of sales and current stock balances and performance of the supplier; plan and control delivery payments.
  • Warehouse. The section functionality allows to support stock balance in the shop in actual condition. Bar-coding technology enables quick and accurate accounting of the goods flow in the shop warehouses with level of details required for different types of goods.
  • Sales.  The program is aimed at documenting retail sales using streaming method. Flexible, customizable and intuitive interface of the cashier’s office enables quick generation of a check and record of a purchase payment.
  • Finance. Various payment instruments for retail purchases are supported: cash, payment cards, gift certificates, consumer loan agreements. Cash balance and certificates are accounted in their actual storage locations.
  • Personnel. The store manager can optimize personnel work schedule including shift based work and workload in the cash units. Personal sales registration is supported.

The program supports connection of equipment for bar-coding at all stages of the item: from creation of the item card till sales at the cash unit.

Predefined user profiles in the configuration correspond to typical staff positions in the shop and enable access to the program without initial set-up of access level.

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