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Running large, medium and small business with the help of automated accounting systems is a requirement of the market. Our experts are ready to provide you with any services relating to the development, implementation, management and maintenance of the 1C automated system of accounting and management, including services for integration with other software products. Owing to the use of advanced technology and extensive experience, automation of your company’s operations implemented with consideration of individual requirements will reduce staff maintenance costs.

We guarantee provision of optimal services taking into account not only today’s needs of your business, but also the prospects for its development.

1С Xidmətləri

Providing 1C 8.2 Services

Special software is capable of providing control over financial and commodity turnover of an enterprise, as well as help solving accounting and planning related issues. The most recent among these software programs is the 1C Accounting program of a new version 8. It can be used in the wholesale, commission and retail trade, construction, in the provision of services and manufacturing processes. Thanks to the program’s database you can keep record of several individual entrepreneurs and companies using a common reference framework of contractors, staff and functionaries as well as separately prepared reporting. The 1C 8 program that supports both general taxation and PSA (Profit Sharing Agreements) and STS (simplified taxation system), generates financial and tax reports automatically. Apart from that you can customize the program and make changes in its configuration when required focusing on particular activities. You can buy the 1C 8 in our company for the best price in Azerbaijan by contacting the phone numbers listed on the website. Our consultant will provide you with more detailed information about the features of the product and its possibilities.

Where to buy the 1C 8?

Before you purchase the 1C software product, it is necessary to analyze the needs and characteristics of your business. Particular configurations of the software product should be selected only after this analysis. The 1C Entrepreneur program, which you can purchase from us at a reasonable price, will allow you to maintain records and prepare financial statements if you are a private entrepreneur. In addition to main features of the basic version of the 1C Accounting 8, this product provides:

  • the possibility of keeping separate accounting books for business operations, costs and revenues;
  • introducing changes in accounting policy settings, software menu display, screen settings;
  • collective use of applications.

The 1C Retail, which you can buy on our website, will allow the owners of retail outlets and retail chains to automate business processes, including registration of products and cash on hand, the arrival of goods from contractors, the sale of goods, the movement of goods in warehouses and outlets, returns as well as inventory and production write-offs.

Our company also offers the owners of large retail chains to buy the 1C Storage and Commercial Equipment. This configuration allows to manage purchasing, sales, customer relations, cash flow, warehouse stock, analyze prices, efficiency of management and trading activities. The 1C Workflow, which is also offered by our company at an affordable price, in turn will help you automatize workflow, personnel interaction and their evaluation for optimal control and recording. Individual approach to each client’s needs is our credo.
Purchasing the 1C Enterprise.

Before you purchase the 1C Enterprise software of a specific configuration, it is necessary to analyze the tasks assigned to the customer. A wide range of software products can be a challenge for your company’s employee responsible for the automation of all processes. The experience of our personnel will allow evaluating your needs and choosing an optimal software product saving you from wasting time on its implementation and avoiding costs. We also offer you to purchase the 1C Salary – a multifunctional powerful software product that allows you to effectively conduct personnel policy as well as offers a number of other configurations offered by the program. This program is recognized as one of the best in the world. To purchase the program just call the phone number provided at our website and ask all the relevant questions from experts and consultants.

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