1C Salary & HR management

Universal tool for automating HR management and payroll in the company.

  • Significantly simplifies the most time-consuming calculations (sickleaves, vacations)
  • All options of payroll management are available
  • Automated building the time and payroll sheets
  • Personnel certification and training management
1С Зарплата и управление персоналом 8 (ЗУП)

Payroll and HR accounting

Processing the employee’s data (including salary and position) and printing HR orders in «1С:Acconting 8 3.0» are realized by the employee’s card and documents.

Accrued salaries, personal income tax, withholding are reflected in the single document.

Charges on payroll, withholding, personal income tax are generated automatically.

Split your payroll register by departments. Moreover, you can pay employee’s salary separately by several different departments.

Features of salary and HR accounting are significantly expanded and continue expanding allowing keep full scope accounting.

The following features are in particular added:

  • several work schedules
  • several vacation types. Register of the vacation surplus (vacation accrual is automatic)
  • vacation compensation.
  • salary indexation.
  • severance payment.

Performing time-consuming operations becomes now easier

Operations consuming much time (month-end close, reporting) now are performed in a background mode. It allows continuing work with «1С:Acconting 8», before operations completed.


«1С: Salary & HR management» (earlier version «1С:Salary & HR 7.7») automates some operations that allows carrying out the efficient HR policy, having all the data for managerial decision making.

Features of «1С Salary & HR management »:

  • maintenance of personnel records and data management for a large number of employees. “1C: Salary & HR management” enables all operations to comply with the requirements of the labor legislation
  • correct payroll calculation for employees from different branches and with different work schedules using the “1C: Salary & HR management”
  • recruitment, training and evaluation of staff performance, effective management of departments and divisions using «1C: Salary & HR management »,
  • convenient and fast registration of the documents and required reference information.

Using «1C: Salary & HR management» you will be easily able to manage the personnel in the company of any size and form of ownership. «1С: Salary & HR management» is quickly paid off due to the automated accounting and the company’s performance improvement.

You can purchase «1C: Salary & HR management» software in «Perviy BIT» company. Our specialists will install the software and make all necessary adjustments.

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