1C Enterprise 8. CRM

CRM (Customer Relations Management) is a company strategy on building sustainable business relations with customers; the core of the strategy is customers information gathering, accumulation and use for the business benefits.

1C:CRM performance outcomes:

  • Increased sales efficiency (marketing, service, call center);
  • Improved service quality;
  • Expanded customer base and retention of permanent customers;
  • Increased cross-sales;
  • Transparent performance of sales people (marketing specialists, technical service, operators etc.);
  • Reduced risks of customer data loss;
  • Streamlined employees work;

Organized sales management (marketing, technical service, call center).

1С:Предприятие 8. CRM

Why 1C:CRM PROF for Ukraine is functional:

Customer base management:

  • customer data in the integrated database
  • detailed customer profile
  • track of records of contacts with customers
  • in-depth customer analysis
  • customer segmentation

Time management:

  • action planning and control
  • worktime coordination
  • assignments and tasks control
  • contacts and meetings planning
  • reminders system

Sales management:

  • sales technologies for different goods categories
  • sales phases management
  • offers preparation mechanism• Marketing management:
  • customers segmentation
  • management of marketing companies
  • marketing efficiency evaluation (ROI)
  • telemarketing arrangements
  • customers questionnaires

Contacts management:

  • track of records of contacts with customers
  • customers needs registration
  • contacts and meetings planning
  • in-depth customer analysis Analytical reporting:
  • multi-factor analysis of customers
  • ABC/XYZ sales analysis
  • disciplinary reports

Business processes:

  • single work standard with customers
  • business processes templates
  • established business processes: sales, service, complaints management, assignments

Service maintenance:

  • goods records by serial number, service timing and type
  • customers service requests management
  • service orders management
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