1C: Trade Administration

“1C: Trade Administration 8” is a modern tool for improving the business efficiency of a merchant enterprise.

“1C: Trade Administration 8” allows for the integrated automation of operational and management accounting, analysis and planning of trade operations, thus ensuring the efficient management of a modern merchant enterprise.

1С Зарплата и управление персоналом 8 (ЗУП)

“1C: Trade Administration 8” automates the following business activities:

  • Customer Relationship Management,
  • Sales rules management,
  • Sales Process management:
  • Management of trade representatives,
  • Inventory management,
  • Procurement management,
  • Warehouse Management,
  • goods delivery management,
  • Financial management,
  • Monitoring and analysis of enterprise performance targets.

The program can record both already implemented and planned operations. “1C: Trade Administration 8” automates processing of almost all the primary documents of trade and warehouse accounting as well as cash flow documents.

“1C: Trade Administration 8” is designed for any kind of trade transactions. Accounting functions have been implemented from the maintenance of reference books and entry of initial documents to receipt of various analytical reports.

The solution allows for management accounting in the merchant enterprise at large. For a holding organization, documents may be issued on behalf of several organizations that are members of the holding company.

The functionality of the solution can be flexibly adapted to include/disable the various functional options. For example, a program can be considerably simplified for a small organization by disabling many of the features required by large companies only (the disabled feature is hidden from the interface and does not interfere with the user’s work). The following is a description of the solution functionality, including all options.

“1C: Trade Administration 8” provides for the automatic collection of data required for accounting and transfer of these data to “1C:Accounting 8”.

The use of the Trade Administration Program in conjunction with other programs allows automating wholesale and retail enterprises in a comprehensive manner. The “Trade Administration” program can be used as a managing system for “1C:Retail 8” solution.

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