1С:Documents circulation

There comes a time when you decide to put documents circulation in your enterprise in electronic format. This might happen due to several reasons: for example, to minimize approval and decision making process, not to lose documents, always keep them at hand and control performance discipline. For this purpose, a good tool and tested use technique are needed.


1C:Documents circulation:

  • Modern ECM system (Enterprise Content Management) with broad range of capabilities for business processes management and joint work of staff.
  • Tested techniques and practices that help organize electronic documents circulation, establish processes, ensure tasks fulfilment control, regulate managerial activities and improve their efficiency.
  • Documents management
  • Work with contractual documents
  • Efficient process management
    • Templates available for approval, review, confirmation etc.
    • Simple design
    • Automatic launch
    • Deadline control
    • Monitoring and analysis
  • Integration with any solution
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